Graduate student

When I was going back to school for the 4th time to finish my undergraduate degree I felt the weight of expectation to finish and “check the box”. The expectation was coming from some sort of guilt I had for quitting 3 times before. It also came from my perception that I needed this to further my career. The degree program I completed was online through a state school and was one of those professional studies bachelors which came in a couple different flavors. Information Technology was the one that made the most sense for me (easiest to finish). That was 2013. It’s 2018 and the attitude I had back then to live up to expectation and to “check a box” seems absurd. Yes, the degree did help me professionally and I am proud for completing it, but just like the three times I attempted to complete undergrad before – I didn’t really care about the coursework. I just wanted to get *something* done and be done.

I’ve had almost 5 years to reflect on that attitude and decisions.

I’m going back to school to do something I want to do. This isn’t checking the box and there’s no expectations. I’m going to give it effort and get something out of it. I need this to kickstart a different mindset about work and excellence. I’ve been really good at being a halfway mind about every facet of IT. Knowing how to do research to gain understanding into things I don’t know is part of my every day. After 8+ years of doing this the direction that most interests me is information security. The field is changing rapidly and the result of bad security posture in the enterprise is making news all too often. I hope to take my jack-of-all trades experience into this field and make a difference.

Check out the graduate program I am starting, maybe its a good fit for you as well.