About Me


I go by Rudy, a lot of people hear “Randy” (it doesn’t bother me). If I had to guess I’d say about 50% of the vendors I’ve spoken with over the phone think I’m Randy. I don’t correct them, it’s almost a badge of honor at this point.

I work in IT. I’ve worked for a medium sized call center, help desk at a small hospital, a couple community banks, and most recently for a medium sized hospital all within commute of Chattanooga, TN. I enjoy wearing multiple hats at work and solving problems I haven’t encountered before.

I’m into cybersecurity, emerging threats, whats the next APT? I enjoy educating staff on matters of cybersecurity and working to create policies and procedures to react successfully when being proactive fails.

I’m a student. Either engaged in formal courses of study or studying on my own. I enjoy learning and figuring out things.

I’m into watching professional soccer, esports, and a few tv programs although I have a bad habit of ditching them and forgetting to pick them back up. I like to read fiction and autobiographies. I like to gain perspective.

I like to take long trips on my motorcycle and go explore. Look twice!